Bath and North East Somerset Council are the first local authority in the United Kingdom to convert all main road lights to LED Technology. Bright white LEDs provide clearer and better illumination than traditional street lighting, improving conditions for cyclists, drivers and pedestrians.

Each lamp contains more than 80 tiny bulbs, which have a life span of 60,000 hours or around 16 years when lit for 10 hours each day – five times more efficient than a traditional street lamp.

This is expected to reduce energy use by more than 1.5 Kilowatt Hours (Kwh), saving the council over €230,000 a year in electricity bills. Carbon emissions are expected to be cut by over 780 tonnes, equivalent to three per cent of the Council’s total energy consumption.

Intelligent lighting adjusts output in accordance with the level of traffic on the road at any time. The council have also added LED lighting on all 108 zebra crossings, which will further reduce energy usage by another 77,000 kWh per year.

Councillor Caroline Roberts of Newbridge, Cabinet Member for Transport said: “Instead of turning-off street lights like many other town halls, Bath & North East Somerset Council have used the latest technology to keep them on and save the local taxpayer tens of thousands of pounds on energy costs, cutting our carbon footprint in the process.”

It will take eight years for the LED lights to repay the costs of their manufacture and fitting, which currently stands at €42,000. The project has also been recognised by the Local Government News Street Design Awards 2013, as a winner in the public lighting category.

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